Crossfade Curve issue with Serato

Prime 4 - V1.4.1 Serato DJpro 2.3.2 Apple Macbook 9,1 on Mojave 14.6

Im having massive issues with the crossfader curve - the knob for it doesnt map, nor does it map within Serato, to the correct knob. Instead, it maps to the phones mix knob, which when left in the cue position, sets the crossfade to slow, making it unusable.

I’ve tried mapping to an unused knob, in my case mic1 high, which maps correctly, however serato wont let go of the phones cue mix knob, defeating my attempts to map it out.

Can I lock the crossfade out, to fast, somehow? I’d like to be able to use the cue/mix knob for the purpose it was intended, but even in serato, trying to determine it to be the cue mix knob, is impossible as the option is ghosted.

I’ve had to buy a Pioneer in order to do gigs, as I’m a hiphop jock, and having a crossfade that ducks the volume in the middle just doesnt work for me.

PLEASE help! :slight_smile:

See if this helps

Thanks Mufasa - Sadly no, this didn’t sort it - the new files created ok, however the mapping remains the same

Do you have that active?