Crates on Engine Software (Mac) not appearing

Hello guys. Even when I have plenty of dj background, I’m quite new on Denon ecosystem. So here is my trouble some, I saw a lot comments and videos about the crates section, but, on the engine prime I don’t have the icon option, also just I have playlist (with folders) but, also I can’t create a new folders (this is the import I had from rekordbox).

Someone could help me out to understand this?


Crates were used in older versions of Engine. Since version 2.0.0 the crates have disappeared and there are only playlists that can contain the tracks in an order established by you.

Yes, there are only playlists. But you can use them in a “branched” way, so a playlist can contain other smaller playlists. In the main playlist (the root) you will see ALL the tracks that are inside the sub playlists.

Instead of the folder you can create a main playlist which contains the other secondary playlists.

Thanks! I short it out with you help. Really appreciate it. Cheers!