Crates and sub crates

Hello All, After 3 weeks of having my prime 4 i absolutely love it. One note about crates…when you create a crate and then a sub crate when you choose the crate the list of the songs includes also the songs of sub crate. From my point of view this is wrong as i want to see an exactly list of one crate and if i want to see the list of the sub crate then to go inside the sub crate. For example crate latin with 10 songs, sub crate easy latin with 5 songs. So when i choose the latin crate i see total 15 songs 10 of latin and 5 of the sub crate. Can you please fix this?

Thank you.

absolute normal behavior. You can name the master crate for latin - latin dance … and then the other subcrates latin, easy latin …

then you have that behavior like you want

latin dance has all latin tracks (15 of yours)

while latin has it´s 10 and easy latin has its 5

the master-crate allways show the complete numbers of tracks, which are in the subcrates of it.

HELLO Dark. Nice to meet you here. Fro my point it is not physical as if I want to see the dance Latin list why in the list to have also the easy Latin?? Then why to have a separate sub crate?? I know I can solve this by do not creating sub crates and create only crates. But for me the purpose of sub crate is this one.

Think of a crate as a crate of records you brought to a party, in that crate of records you have different bunch of records that go well together and you have them arranged as such.

When you look into your box of records you see every vinyl right, but you can then filter down to a particular record (subcrate) and you know the next few records adjacent to it will be played next or whenever

This is the way I’m used to it as well.

If you choose Parent Crate , it should show all the tracks in the subcrates and if by some chance the Parent crate also contains tracks that are not in sub crates they will be included as well.

If you need to dial down further then click on the subcrate

You may need to adjust your workflow.

Works the same in Serato DJ as well.

I suspect you are coming from Rekordbox or Traktor.

If this is super important to you, perhaps you should start a feature request to request it as an optional feature.

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@Reese this is expected behavior.

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Was this for me?

Yes sir.

OP reported a bug, which is actually expected behavior.

Ah well I’m not a developer, but reading the comments, yes this is the way I would expect it to work also. Higher up shows all sub-content.

This, for me is no bug, but it cannot be moved to the request area if it’s designed to be like this either.

Thank you Mufasa! I am actually coming back to djing after 18 years of absent. So as you understand I used to play until 2002 with cdjs and my CD collection. Now I managed to create my mp3 library and I am trying to get used to play with files and crates and not with my CD case. Anyway if this confuse only me then I will create only crates and not subcrates and that’s it. Nice to meet you. Thank you for your answer.

Hi @dj_chris - Welcome to the community!

As @DJDark & @mufasa mentioned, this is the current behavior of Engine Prime. If you would like to create a feature request for the behavior you’re expecting (Collapsed parent crate does not show tracks from child crates). I would suggest creating a Feature Request for it and we will consider based on the feedback from other users.


[Moving this to Engine Prime area]

Thank you Jill.