Copying/updating from itunes

Good morning Denon

I have the following issues when Updating iTunes in Engine Prime.

When buying Tracks in iTunes, I place them into Playlists. When I update in Engine Prime, it appears to go through the whole iTunes Library which takes at least an hour. Engine prime doesn’t seem to have the ability to know what’s already been copied in, can this be fixed.

When I have updated Playlists in Engine Prime, and want to update my External Hardrive, I have to drag and drop from Playlists, to the Device section, is it not possible for Engine prime to update my playlists in Devices automatically?

Engine prime doesn’t seem to be able to recognise when you inadvertently copy the same Track twice into a playlist from iTunes, is there a box that I need to tick to stop this, or is this function not available yet.


Joe Kelly

Hi Joe,

Regarding the last issue: I recently submitted a feature request for this:

If you “heart” the post, the issue might be addressed faster by Denon.


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A message saying “track already copied” would be great

Thanks for the feedback @SoulNative. Liking feature requests like @onehp’s or creating ones of your own to highlight important feedback like this is the best way share these thoughts. The way you have described Engine PRIME to work is indeed how it works. There is no ability to automatically update playlists, but that does make for a good Engine PRIME Feature Request