Continue mode with fade and playlists for broadcast and mobile DJs

Hello! I write from Italy and I apologize for any errors :slight_smile: I use the console for live radio events and for mobile DJs, I often need to fill in moments when you are in a second position with a second console or in the radio on air and you have to use playlists!

I took the “PRIME 4” to not use the PC, I was wondering:

  1. the playlist with crossfade time, can it also be used on a main channel without using a cable that goes from zone to line 3?

  2. if point 1 was not possible, could the same channel 4 be used?

Furthermore, the zone has few functions, it does not allow you to skip a part of the track, or to see the waveform to intervene on the microphone!

A shuffle function, and a db-adjustable silence detector, would be useful, so that when a track

from the main screen it is not possible to delete in the list “on air” a song that you do not want to play without modifying the playlist, it would be nice to scroll through the song box and have a simple “delete” :slight_smile: fades, the change occurs at a very low level.

also if I am creating a playlist and the track ends, the screen is closed and all the selected songs are deselected!

Is there even a beta version of the firmware that allows me to do what I need?

If these functions still weren’t there, could you suggest them to denon? they would wipe out the competition for use in radio stations and mobile DJs!

I forgot my fw is 1.5.2