constantly losing cues, help needed

Hi guys, I have Denon DJ Prime GO and I keep losing my cues and hot cues in tracks, which I have set directly on the unit… I’m using Engine DJ and Sync manager, It happened already like 5 times and it’s getting irritating… I don’t have that many tracks yet but still, it’s a big problem and a waste of time for me… I think it happens after software updates, everything just resets, I thought it can be a syncing problem but now I tested it a few times and the cues stay there, maybe I should try using recordbox or something idk? Any tips are appreciated thanks

If you’re creating cue points on the unit, you should sync back to Engine (computer) immediately when you plug your media to computer. If you just plug, and add tracks from pc and sync to the media, it will overwrite all cues you created on the unit.