Connecting Prime 4 to SoundSwitch and Chauvet Lights

Im tryng to connect my Chauvet Freedom Stick wireless (d-fi) LED Lights to SoundSwitch for beat mapping, and that sync the beat with prime 4 engine for automatic beat light show control…

to do all this, I have to get a connect a network cable from my Prime 4 to my laptop, on my laptop install soundswitch, get a soundswitch usb to dmx module, and that from the module to a Chauvet d-fi hub to send the signal to the lights…

is there any other way I can work this around…?

will it be possible for my Prime 4 to connect by wifi to my laptop…? or maybe even been able to connect a D-fi usb hub directly to it to control the lights from the prime 4…?

since the tracks are already converted by the prime engine and soundwitch engine …. we just need an easier way to send the signal directly from the Prime 4 to the lights…

any ideas… ?

thanks… :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there is a wifi work-around. If a work-around is in the works, it’s probably best to reach out to SoundSwitch directly through their website. They are very responsive. In fact, about a year ago, I had a Chauvet light that wasn’t listed and they fixed it real-time for me.

I think you’d be able to connect the d-fi to P4 only when it’s in controller mode. But I doubt it would be possible in standalone mode as then the SoundSwitch software would need to be on the P4.

Hi everyone. I have the Chauvet Di-fi box. It can only connect to the rest of the system like it is any other sort of dmx light, so it can’t connect directly to Prime 4. It needs the SoundSwitch and laptop and all that.

It will be nice to have one less cable to worry about… I will try to call soundswitch and rise up the concern… :slight_smile: thanks… :+1: