Connecting PC with Prime 2

I have updated both desktop and mobile os to 3.0. Both are in the same Network. I have opened engine dj on pc but i under source i cant see the desktop library on the prime 2. Any suggestions ?

If you try to connect from the controller and you won’t get a message on the desktop app to allow the connection, your firewall blocks it.

No i dont even see it on the Prime 2. i cant even try to connect.

See here and my reply:

Hmm i dont have a switch i only have a router. And on the router IGMP is enabled.

It is the Windows Firewall tho. I deaktivated it and it works. However i dont want to let it deaktivated so what settings do i need to change ? (Windows 10)

Nevermind i found it. Firewall settings enable Engine DJ for private Network. Thanks guys

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