Connecting a Korg Kaoss KP3+

I’ve got a kaoss kp3+ on my denon X1800 and I am really struggling to get it working properly.

Using send return on the mixer, If you use the wet/dry knob on the mixer at 100% you do not hear the music at all until the pad is engaged. If you have the wet/dry at 25% it has an impact on the volume of the music playing even if the pad isn’t engaged. Even at 0% when the send return is engaged it sometimes reduces the volume of the playing music slightly :thinking: I have tried adjusting the mixer settings and also the kaoss pad but I cannot seem to get it to work correctly.

I have also strangely found that when the wet/dry is set at 100%, which completely stops the music playing, if I change the “FX frequency” knob either all the way to low or all the way to high, the sound signal comes through again.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

I am using also Korg Kaoss pad 3 with my X1800. First of all You need to understand that when in Send/Return mode the fx parameter is Your send signal level, wet/dry is return signal.

Check on Korg the switch on the back of the unit where You have send/direct - this will change the behaviour of the korg to send thru the signal when touch pad is not engaged.

Also You can check the send/return settings in the mixer utility, but I think all there should be ok.

Hope this will help You.

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Ah I hadn’t realised that, very useful, I will have a look later. Thank you for your help on that. So do you always have the send signal level on full and then control the return signal with the wet/dry?

I have the korg set to send on the back, is that correct?

No, I adjust the signal so there is no clipping on the korg.

With send/direct - check what is best for You. I am away from my house now, so I can check what setting I have, later today.

Ok, thanks again for your help :+1:


Ok, checked my Kaoss Pad is set to SEND.