Confusing error message "File may corrupt or format is unsupported"

Yesterday all of sudden I couldn’t load any track in Engine DJ software. I kept getting this error message:

Failed to load track to Deck I File may corrupt or format is unsupported

After backing up the database, I tried several things like removing the database, reinstalling the software, importing new tracks etc.

All to no avail!

It turnt out that in the audio settings Engine Dj was using the windows default audio device.

And the default audio device was a controller which was not connected anymore to the laptop.

After setting it back to the build in soundcard every thing was normal again.

All this confusion could have been avoided if the software was giving the proper error message.

Something like “Error opening sound device”.

Thanks for the heads up - you’re right. That is a confusing issue. I’ll let the team know about it and maybe we can resolve it for the next release.

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