Computer mode issues with SSD

Hi Everyone, I have 2 glitches in computer mode currently if anyone has any ideas.

  1. When copying a file burnt from a CD into the internal drive and then adding into a playlist, the software won’t allow me to add the name of the artist in that column. I can edit the title column though.
  2. I am no longer able to play a track in engine DJ from on my laptop. This is a problem when trying to build a set. The green db meter lights no longer light up so the sound is not getting through.

Much obliged as always!


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Make sure that the tracks are unlocked by looking at the properties of the Mp3 or (Extension you may have choosen) you have created from the Cd. Right click look at properties look at security and see if its locked. make sure its unlocked and then reimport to Engine you should now be able to overwrite or write artist information in the Track Information tab