Community logs out all the time

It seems like every time I come to this community I have to log in — any chance y’all can extend the expiry time on your sessions/cookies? It’s a small thing but it’s really annoying!

It also asks me every time if I want to store cookies like … shouldn’t that be remembered, too?


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Maybe You have cookies disabled in Your browser? I don’t have that problem on multiple computers and my phone as well.

No problems here either. Check cookies or in-private-mode indeed.

No cookies disabled or incognito etc. My guess is it happens when you haven’t come back here for a few days — if y’all are checking this regularly it might reset the timer :thinking:

I’ll keep exploring tho, see if I can figure out any other causes

Mine does the same, everytime I log in, even if it’s only been 24 hours, I have to put my details in again. It has done this since the forum changed to inmusic. When it was denon I could leave it for days and it would be fine.

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It’s the session expiry time, must be set to a few days or so. They need to increase it to at least 30 days.


My expiry time is only about two days (and that’s a generous guess at that!).

A week would be better.


Well I’m glad I’m not alone in this! It’s so annoying :frowning: