Collection backup not working in Engine DJ software

I store my tracks on a USB but for some reason I loaded it up on engine DJ and there were no tracks in the collection at all. Tried restoring the collection to the backup I’d made within the software a couple days ago, but when I do it nothing seems to happen. Anyone any ideas? 1) Why does engine DJ consistently tell me there’s no tracks in the collection 2) Why does the backup option seem to be useless?

Hello @bensagar87 Welcome to the forum,

First tell us how did You stored the music on the usb drive. Was it an export from Engine Dj or was it only drag and drop directly from the system level?

I store my mp3s in a folder on the usb, import them to engine DJ from the ‘Drives’ section, then use the sync manager to export them to the usb after they’ve all been analysed in the software

So that was a wrong move. If the tracks were already on a usb, no sync or export would be needed to the same drive. Only analysis and let them be there. All changes would be there as they should. When You sync, Engine probably moved around all the tracks and that could be causing an issue with directories to the right places where the tracks were originally.

If You put the tracks by yourself on the usb, just analyse them and not sync. They should be visible in the prime device.