Channel 1 not playing through master!

I have just switched my Prime 2 (current software updated) on after a week or so and channel 1 is not playing through the speakers. No problem with Channel 2 and it plays through Cue with no issues. totally stumped as to what has caused this. I have rebooted with no success. Any ideas??!! Any support appreciated in advance.

I hate to say it but… check your crossfader (if it helped your so welcome and delete this topic asap as it’s the simpelest solution ever!) (if not… again, so sorry)

Hi thanks for responding, that’s not the cause though. I thought it must be something simple but maybe not!

Care to make a video?

Yeah, just added it. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious like a phono/line switch on a conventional mixer but appreciate that’s not the case here haha!

What happens if you set the crossfader to pass through?

Nothing, which is weird. I think it must be a firmware failure? Cant think of anything else now…

Don’t think a reflash will solve this, but you could try.

Tried a reboot from both the USB and web but no luck. Contacted the dealer so will se if I get a response.

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Have you tried turning the crossfader off completely? Just using the line faders?