Changing the zoom behaviour on the SC6000?

Is it possible to make the zoom require fewer turns between minimum and maximum zoom?

No, but you can also use pinch to zoom on the multitouch touchscreen instead of the button resulting in quicker workflow

This video shows it on Prime 4 (at 00.16), but this also applies to the SC6000:


I’ve been mixing for over three decades and have never had such a first world problem such as can I make a waveform change faster than the 1 second or less that it takes with this knob? Welcome to the future.


+1 for pinch to zoom, that’s my method of quickly changing the size of the waveforms.

Thanks for the input everyone <3 :slight_smile:

I’ve been mixing for less than a year. Didn’t watch any tutorials, no one to show me the ropes, so I’ve been making it up as I’ve gone along with the tools at hand. Hopefully in three decades I will be cool as you.