Change display resolution size on prime 4

Looked this up ages ago when I first got the prime 4 a year ago. Just did the latest 1.6 firmware update and the display went back to default. How does one change the display resolution to see more tracks on the list in vertical mode? Went thru the manual and could not find the answer. HELP PLEASE

To switch from horizontal view to vertical view you have to press SHIFT + VIEW

Or maybe you are talking about the central view of the library with the tracks? Would you like to see more lines? :thinking:

More lines is easy. In the browse view on the Prime 4 and SC6000, tap the Icon in the upper center showing a ‘list icon’ to toggle between 6 and 10 lines of text. This will also affect the text lines in the vertical waveform mode. Actually this is so obvious that I am surprised you opened an extra thread for this question.

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Page 17:

  • Tap the list icon at the top of the display to toggle between standard and expanded list views.

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