Change Cue Colors in Database?

I’ve just moved to Engine from Traktor (kudos for the easiest transition ever - importing my Traktor library was a breeze).

The one thing I couldn’t bring over - due to using a mod in Traktor that allowed this - was the color of my hot cues. I had them set up in Traktor so cues with a given name would be a given color. All cues with the name “Intro” would be green, for example, while all with the name “Vocal” would be another color.

Obvs this hasn’t transitioned to Engine. No surprise there.

So, is there a way - presumably via the database - of mass updating all cue points with a given name to a given color?

From memory Lexicon can do it but remember that is a subscription model. There is a free trial.

The way you can do it for free is to use Mixxx as they have a cue point converter within their feature set. You can choose what counts you want or match your existing software.