CDJ conversion

hi all,

with enigine software we create a usb for the Prime series.

with rekordbox we create a usb for the CDJ’s.

the amazing Prime players can read the rekordbox stick…


will it be possible to have an update so you can create a stick for prime AND cdj players…

this will solve a lot of issues for dj’s with own prime equipment who also play in clubs with CDJ’s


You could either stay with rekordbox and skip Engine DJ, or get a conversion solution.

I’m quite happy with De CU (why is it censored when written properly @JWiLL ). It only runs on Mac.

Others seem to like Lexicon DJ, which also works on Windows - I have never tried it, though.

cu is Mac only. thats a problem.

lexicon is great. for conversion best option i think. but thats not the case.

my suggestion is a stick made with engine also usable for CDJ’s.

would be very handy

I think, they should do rekordbox to engine export first. But pioneer will not do any export except their own…