Can't select songs in playlists in Engine DJ 2.2.2

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone may have an easy fix or maybe this is a user error!

I recently updated to 2.2.2 on Mac (Macbook Pro with Big Sur) and after some use, I can’t seem to access any songs in my playlists. It has happened multiple times now. I’ve been able to import songs, analyze, play, etc., but after a while Engine DJ seems to stop accepting new songs to import and also not register any clicking in my playlist area. The software responds to me clicking in/around any songs loaded into the virtual decks and I can select other playlists but I cannot select any songs in any playlist.

Closing the app and opening it again seems to fix the problem but only temporarily. I have uninstalled 2.2.2 and did a fresh install but that has not alleviated the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this with Engine DJ? I’ve included a link to a screen capture recording I did to illustrate the issue.

screen recording link (NB - video was uploaded to Google drive Friday at 00:30 CET so may still be processing depending on when you click the link!)

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Dave