Can't my dj library files on Engine Playlists

Hello my name is Sahar SAIREX Im Working with Denon prime 4 over 2 years. After last update 2.4.0 the feature i that able to drag my dj library into engine playlist and watch and work all my music with Keys, BPM,Rating, and times has disappeared. When i try to drag the folder like i use to before, nothing happen, and i checked that i dragged the file from my dj hard drive. I can’t work without that feature Please Help me fast that you can :pray:t3:

Hi, @sahar_binyamini

In order to succeed each time a drag / drop, it is necessary that where you want to drop a music or a new file the chosen drop zone must turn blue, if it remains black… this will mean that no additions are made. was not done correctly.

The manipulation will be almost the same, but only with the Engine Dj Desktop software, during a manual export by dragging / dropping into the Engine Dj collection of the Prime 4 or another dedicated external player or medium.