Can't here the FX on my Headpho

I bought the Prime 4. If I see this correctly, I can only hear the Sweep FX on Headphone Cue and not the other FX, correct?

I come from Traktor (S4). With Traktor I can hear all effects on Headphone Cue. For me this is a critical buying argument.


Hello @FloRia, Welcome to the forum. Please make a search before posting new topics, as this issue was already discussed here:

If You want this feature to be implemented, please give a like to the post here:


Good advice for sure. The number of likes tells denon which ideas or suggestions are those most interested in by owners. It doesn’t mean that any particular feature most definately CAN be added, or that the ones with the most votes will be added quicker, if at all, but it’s good to join in, if nothing else.

And if the likes are spread between many same posts, it looks like not many people are interested.

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