Cannot copy playlist created on Prime4 drive to EP

I created a playlist on my Prime 4, and with the Prime 4 connected to Engine Prime I performed a “Sync to Engine” but the playlist has not appeared in my EP database.

In the Sync manager window, I can see the playlist listed on the right side (the Prime 4) but it’s greyed out, not white like the rest of the info.

I have also tried simply dragging the playlist from the devices column (right side) onto the EP column (the left side) on the main EP screen, but I just get a “no entry” symbol. EP is not allowing me to drop the playlist. Why not?

Why has the playlist not synced over? Why is it greyed out? Why can’t I drag it?

Perusing the EP manual, this seems to be the normal M.O. I can transfer playlists TO the device, but not FROM the device. What the…?!

Sync from the device to EP doesn’t sync playlists.

So come on Denon. How am I supposed to get my playlists from Prime 4 into EP so I can back them up, edit them etc?

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Yes, I noticed it too: it’s a nice nuisance!

In fact, I too was wondering why this choice was made. Let’s say we make a playlist directly on the P4, then I can’t save it in the Engine Prime library. I have to do it all manually. Very bad.

Have you tried creating a new playlist in prime on the computer then selecting all the tracks from the list and dragging them over?, not a fix but should be a work around.

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You’re kidding, right? There could be multiple playlists, each with 1000 tracks. Manually recreating them is not an option.

I was just experimenting in this case, but if someone makes lots of playlists on their device, it would be fair to say they’d expect the ability to copy them over to their library.

Thats not what I said, recreate the empty playlist in Prime then select all from the device playlist and drag the tracks over.

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Eh? You just said the same thing again. I’ll say the same again too.

It’s not practical to recreate multiple playlists and drag potentially thousands of tracks from one area to another.

EP should have the ability to sync playlists in both directions.

Would this create duplicates of tracks in memory?

I didn’t disagree that this shouldn’t be fixed or be a feature, I was trying to help you out with a workaround that if you read properly and tried would literally take you 10 seconds to do insted of getting all stroppy, but don’t worry about it sheesh, no helping some people I guess, im out of this thread :roll_eyes:


No because it’s a playlist. They don’t contain actual tracks, just links to them.

@j141 You must’ve missed the part where I said I was just experimenting.

I only made one dummy playlist containing three tracks, because I wanted to try something out in order to help another user who’d asked a question on here.

When I discovered the restrictions, I thought it worth mentioning here, as I was surprised at the limited functionality.

In other words, I posted about a flaw in Engine Prime. I wasn’t in need of a workaround myself. It was (as I said) an experiment.

There is a real need for this though, as (like I said) people could potentially have thousands of tracks in their playlists, and want to copy them back to EP.

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Hey great suggestion as a workaround j141. I came here because I had the same problem of wanting to sync the playlists I made on my SC6000M into EP and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Your suggestion of creating a blank playlist in EP and then simply selecting all tracks in the playlist on my SC6000M and dragging it over worked.

@architekt Could you try to disconnect your SC6000M (or your USB stick) from the PC, then you should start Engine Prime on your PC and go to see the tracks you have imported into the playlist: have they turned RED color, or are they normal in color?

I ask you this because I also did this method, and initially it worked. But it works as long as the external drive is connected to the PC: when I eject it the tracks turn red because they are not accessible. This happens because tracks imported by dragging them from the playlist on the remote drive to the playlist in the collection are imported pointing to the file residing on the remote drive and will not point to the file on the collection.

I expected this outcome as well.

There is a feature request

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Yes, I know that request: in fact I also wrote in it.

But in the following weeks I realized that if I didn’t have the remote unit connected to the PC, I saw the traces of red color. Before saying that the “trick” does not work, I would also like to have confirmation from other users because maybe this defect depends on me.

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@DjAj you are correct, it’s red. Guess I got a little too excited.

Yes, I had been too. Unfortunately, it remains an unsolved problem for now. :sob: :sob:

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