Can the Prime 4 be used as an audio interface via USB for streaming?

Hi all I’m looking to upgrade and I think I’ll probably get a Prime 4.

Currently, I’m using an older Denon DN-X1600 mixer. With this mixer I can connect to my PC via USB B and my computer detects it as an audio device. The post fader master out is then just sent via USB to my PC.

Can the prime 4 do the same thing? Send master out via USB to the computer or is it unable to do so? Thank you.

When it’s being used as a standalone device? I think not.

It needs a reboot to switch between standalone and “computer mode”, so AFAIK there’s no USB when it’s standalone.

Yes when used as standalone. All mixing on device then just output audio digitally via USB.

I have an old Steinberg CI1 with two balanced XLR in’s I could use to hook up the prime 4 to but I need to pick up some new XLR cables for it and I always want to avoid as many analog -> digital and vice versa conversions as possible in my setup.

Thanks for the reply!

I bought a zoom q2n camera and use it as the audio interface. Use phono out to line ext in on the camera.

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