Can i use Engine Prime Software if i upgrade my Prime Go to last firmware?

Hi. I have Prime Go with 1.6.2 firmware. If i will upgrade firmware to last version can i use Prime Go with Engine Prime program? I have MCX8000 too and therefore cannot upgrade Engine Prime to Engine DJ because MCX8000 not supported.

Version 2.x.x on Prime go requires Engine Dj 2.x.x the database is different. The 2.x software on Prime Go will read the database of 1.6.2, but there could be some issues sometimes. It is safe to keep both programs running on the latest versions.

You’d probably need to create a new user on your PC so you can have Engine Prime 1.6 and 2 separate.

The MCX8000 only syncs to 1.6 and the Go if on the latest FW requires version 2. Both require separate databases so now need to be managed individually.

Don’t think Denon thought this through by abandoning the MCX8000 as I know a couple of people who have both and this creates a problem.

Thanks. I will continue to use Engine Prime library and will not load upgrades to Prime Go, no problem for me.

Unless you have two computers then run one version on one and one version on the other??

Or if you’re computer savvy you could dual boot so it’s effectively two operating systems on one hard drive.

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Not need to do this, i just keep 1.6.2 firmware on Prime Go then i can use Engine Prime to all my Denon units like i do now.