Buy an MCX8000 now?

Hi, first post - interested in your thoughts.

Have come across an MCX8000 (2016) for sale. Not used at all by the looks of it. Still has plastic covers on jog wheels and the screens, full original packaging etc.

Given the issues around firmware/screen freezing that I have read here and on various other forums…just wondering if a model that old is worth buying second hand? and if it hasn’t had the firmware updated at all whether it is possible to go from original firmware to 1.5 or 2.0 without it grinding to a halt.

Cheers, AB

Updating the firmware is dead easy and can easily be rolled back if required. Version 2.5 has now appeared but we don’t know what’s in it :slight_smile:

If the screen freezing issue comes along it “should” be covered out of warranty as it’s an inherent problem. Not all units suffer from it though.

Still a good controller in 2020.


Still a good controller for Serato DJ can’t say for standalone mode.