Bug report Denon Prime 4 after Update to 2.3.1

Im having serious issues since the update, very frustrating.

Anyone else getting any of these problems.

  1. Center select button not working, unable to select a track to play on the prime 4. This is also the same for the LC6000 , seems that it renders that unresponsive so I’m unable to control the prime with its center button either.

  2. Play button on one deck not working or delay. No play pause buttons working or if they do they do so mins later. ill change layer and try that which sometimes seems to override it but still unusable.

Ive since not been able to really use my prime 4 or newly purchased lc6000 for these reasons I’m having to turn the machines on and off multiple times. Please help me Denon

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I am also experiencing the same issues…

I updated to 2.3.1 (somewhat reluctantly after reading complaints and concerns, but having some faith!), but I have also experienced one or two issues, albeit minor (as far as I know to date) compared to some reports. Had no problems before that. And before anyone asks/suggests, I have rolled back to 2.2.2 but no change.

The main one is now not being able to reorganise tracks in a playlist in the edit field. I do find this quite annoying as having my tracks organised to how I play is important, as opposed to scanning up and down the playlists. Of course doable, but part of my attraction to the Prime 4 (engine) was for life to be easier so I can concentrate on the crowd and the vibe more and of course the wi fi capability. Also, once or twice I have been kicked out of Tidal, and I also, from time to time, receive a ‘Wi-Fi log on failed’ display, even if the wi fi is still working. While I have not noticed anything else at the moment, it does make me worry if there is something more sinister waiting to happen (general software failure at a gig, god forbid!). The last thing you want in providing a paid for service (or any service in fact) is any worries with your kit.

I also have an MCX800 which I have never had a problem with (apart from some tracks staying blue), is in excellent condition (I am a bit ocd about my equipment), and is a real workhorse, and as such I am fairly wedded to standalone. I did agonise moving to the P4 but the combination of no further software updates for the MCX (but still more than useable of course), and wi fi made up my mind. Before that I used Denon CD players for years (being an old school DJ), and apart from the odd scratched cd’ never a problem (at least that I could not fix myself). I could pick up anyone of those units and use them at a gig tonight if I needed with total confidence. These new kind of software problems are kind of out of our hands and control.

From an original Denon die hard customer, give me (us) back the confidence in the tech Denon. There are quite a few unhappy sounding customers out there.

I’m having that issue on the Prime 2, the freezing/lagging deck. Trouble is I backward installed 2.1.0 and it still did it there after being stable previously.

I’ve found it occurs if you set the track back to the cue point then leave it for a few seconds paused. If you just continuously play the track then cue and play instantly it seems to work but that’s not acceptable.

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