[Bug] Loading the next or previous track and locking the beatgrid causes the previous track to be selected in the library


  • macOS Sonoma 14.5
  • Engine DJ 4.0.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Double click a track to load it
  2. Click the Next Track / Previous Track button or press ⌘↑ / ⌘↓ on your keyboard to load the next / previous track
  3. Lock / unlock the beatgrid

Note that now the previous track is selected in the library. When you press ⌘↓ again, it will load that track instead of the next track. This behavior makes it very frustrating to prepare tracks quickly using the keyboard.

Yeah, this is a selection model problem for sure. It’s not with cmd + down, but rather the unlock / lock button. it reverts selection to whatever record was double clicked.