Broadcast Audio Pitched Down?

Hey again - pursuant to my prior post regarding audio issues with the mixer in broadcast mode not showing any audio during live stream broadcast, I have since solved that issue with a driver re-install – However the resulting audio on multiple laptops and streaming platforms is audio that is seemingly slowed down … as if when I talk my voice is pitched down so it has that lower key. Is there a setting on the mixer that prevents this from happening. Admittedly this trial occured when I was ONLY using the mic … so there were no other audio inputs in any of the channels.

Check the bitrate. They need to match.

Thanks Reese - pardon my ignorance, how do you check audio bitrate settings on the mixer? I’m just used to small audio interfaces connecting and broadcasting the proper rate.

I need to go back a bit (no pun intended).

You stream directly with the X1850 USB as audio card or do you use the X1850 digital out to your own audio interface on the computer?

Bitrate settings are in Utility. The mixer will “reboot” if changed. Normally it is the range of 44100 or 48000. When for instance recording a 48000 bitrate with a 44100 setting you’ll get the “pitch” difference

Puns are welcome here.

I was trying to stream directly with the X1850 – so the audio source is the “X1850 Multichannel” option – I don’t click any of the individual channel pairings. In the past I’d just use the master out of the X1850 and connect to my audio interface and of course list that interface as the audio source.

I see my default sampling rate is at 48khz – ok, I’ll try the 44.1 option and see what happens. Thanks a ton, Reese.

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