BPM for Psychedelic Trance often wrong in BeatportLink & unchangable

Very often it seems that EngineOS analyses the BPM wrong for Psytrance on BeatportLink. While we are only able to change this by splitting it in half or double it, this doesn’t work. The BPM is to much off. It seems to be impossible to change BPM in the players, could you please fix this asap? Best would be to just be able to give an exact BPM nr, thanks!


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Thanks for your reply and link! Looks like this is an ongoing unfixed issue. Please Denon, follow up! Thanks!

As has been said many times before, there’s quite a few basic features that aren’t available in the Engine DJ software while they add amateur lighting and streaming features. Your request has been banging around for quite some time with many wanting the feature and yet, it still hasn’t been implemented. Let’s all just keep hoping and praying and LEANING on Denon to fix the basics.


Did you try and play around with the BPM-range-settings? Just curious if it makes a difference :blush:

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Hi Kris, yes I did, but it seems to have little to no effect.