Bpm Fix and rate Tracks on Harware!

Just bought Prime 2 and have realised that you can’t change bpms or rate tracks on the hardware, so if analyze gets it wrong I can’t just quickly fix it at a gig. I am a mobile Dj So deal with alot of different tracks and genres so of course some will slip through the prep process, also if a new track is really working on the cowd i like to rate it on the spot. Massive oversight by the Denon crew now being able to tap or write in bpm’s, even tidal will get the tags wrong sometimes. Massive oversight by me not doing my research and not knowing this before buying… Otherwise i’m loving the unit! Denon Please get your s**t together and fix this in an update!

Already been requested multiple times but nothing yet. Search the requested features section and add a vote

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Now the Denon DJ Team will surely put your request at the top of the upgrades to be made. Thank you.

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In all fairness to the OP it’s one those “basic” things you would have expected to be there from day one, especially since the units are heavily marketed as standalone.


This is one of the major discussions topics about the term “Standalone”. :wink:

On the other hand we can say that with the latest firmware versions, the analysis of the traces with the console is always exact (apart from when it is only necessary to do /2 or x2), or sometimes it is only necessary to perform a small correction in the alignment of the grid.

Obviously I agree with you that when we have to analyze on the console a track that has dynamic grid … this is where the problems arise. :worried: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :confused:

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Will jump over and do it now! Thank you