BPM detection issues, would this help?

So I just updated to the new 1.3.2 and it’s pretty swell. One thing I’ve noticed is that while the BPM detection is improved, it didn’t take me long to find tracks that still don’t analyze properly. My question, is would it help to somehow submit tracks that don’t analyze properly? As a developer in a previous life I feel like I’d want access to the exact tracks that aren’t analyzing properly if this was something I was working on. These are all quantized tracks that serato calculates properly. Thanks for reading.

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Tldr; BPM algorithm hasn’t changed. They added in a hack for ID3 tags.

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Some of my track bpms have changed with this latest version of engine, with no bpm tag in the id3 tags , some something is improved in bpm detection. Maybe a frequency filter or a change of when the bpm is sampled from in the track , like maybe it now ignores little fill-in trips before the first beat which might have confused the bpm detect before now