Blank between tracks ?

Hello … Like thé mcx 8000 , the prime4 make blanks between the chained tracks like mixtapes or a full record cutted in many tracks ( mp3 or WAV ) … To note that this files works perfectly in PC ( mediaplayer ) or in an audio CD where we listen the music in continues & with no jumps or blank ! Anyone have an idea & solution … Thanks

It does? That is weird … UNLESS … your mixtape (software) sets track markers. In that case I CAN imagine the P4 doing what it does in autoplay, which is treating it like separate tracks?

If the mixtape is truly just a single audiofile, P4 should treat it as one as it has NO WAY of detecting tracks on it’s, I would think.

Not sure, just the only thing that comes to mind that would somewhat explain that behavior.

My three cents as usual.