Blackout Mixer

I’m kind of at a loss for words on this one. I was live streaming for an event and my mixer blackout. literally went dark and would not recover. Has anyone had this experience?

Tell us more. In what situation? In a flightcase? Under a decksaver in direct sunlight? On for 10mins? Firmware version?

is the unit completely out of order? nothing illuminating and no sound? Try another power cable, check the Fuse. Does the powercable work.with other units?

During use yesterday the unit was working then all lights went off and the instant light turned on. Music I was playing was still coming through the output but all the knobs were inoperable. No volume adjustment, couldn’t turn down the headphone volume. I I had to power cycle it to continue use. Then 20 mins later it happened again. I’m on the latest firmware. Wasn’t in sunlight. It sits on my desk out of the flight case in my studio which is temperature controlled.

Did you try to reinstall the firmware? Or did you check if a firmware downgrade changes anything?

I haven’t. It hasn’t happened since Monday. I cannot replicate it