Better upgrade SC5000 or Prime 4?

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum. My question is which would be better to upgrade from the MCX8000. Would getting 2 SC5000 with the X1800 mixer or just get the Prime 4 DJ system. I know for the price the Prime 4 would be for budget, but how about for overall features, etc? Or just stick with my MCX8000?

Hello Depends what you’re looking to use them for. Will this be for at home use, club or events?

This is really a subjective question but to take a shot in answering you, I will say they are very similar so do your homework in finding out the differences and that should help you decide which is better suited for your DJ needs. Here is a couple of items for you to get started with on what I think will be a short list:

-SC5000 bigger platters than the P4

-SC5000 2 decks in 1

-P4 can add built in HDD

-P4 easier to take to a gig than 3 cases (for the 2 SC’s & 1 X1800)

Good luck with your choice and FWIW, I would upgrade but I get that itch a lot :smiley: LOL


As @Shain says, if portability is key, than go for the Prime4. Otherwise, go full blown SC and X.

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I’m actually upgrading from the MCX8000 to the SC5000 playes, the main reason is that the SC5000 can be more flexible mixing wise, plus it has more processing power, another reason is that the jog wheels are bigger, they’r 8" unlike the MCX8000 which are 5.5". The Prime 4 has 6" jog wheel. Also keep this in mind, the Prime 4 has more outputs and has an internal hard drive slot for your music database. The X1800 mixer does not have that many microphone eq’s unlike the Prime 4. In the end it depends on your DJ needs.

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Agree with Reese. How delicate are you? lol I laugh but it’s an honest question you need to ask yourself. Do you mind the extra setup and breakdown time too? SC5000 Setup takes commitment also more money. But. I think it’s worth it! Also something to consider. Controller goes bad the whole thing goes. One SC5000 goes bad I can still do a proper show with one SC5000.


The Prime 4 is almost 10 kilograms, so I actually think 3 smaller cases is more portable, especially when you’re by yourself.

The x1800 mixer by itself weighs more than the prime 4! :joy:. But whatever makes ya feel better! :slight_smile: I stand by all of my points. But you’re also proving my point. 3 cases vs 1. However you slice it the prime 4 is a much easier and manageable system so if that’s a big deal to someone, that’s a huge valid point in its favor, not to mention much more cost effective in every respect.

But if you want a bigger, meatier system with built in redundancy (and I mean if you have 2 sc5000s) bigger jogs, etc the prime 4 isn’t for you. I have to stress the commitment of the x1800/sc5000 setup because it’s a very real part of it. It’s a bigger setup. Heavier setup. Takes up more room. Takes more time to setup and breakdown. Takes more grunt carrying up flights of stairs. I 100% love it but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit sometimes I take a much smaller Serato controller for smaller/quick gigs because of it. And some places I play don’t have the room for my prime setup so I can’t use it. And if I’m playing an outdoor gig packing up the x1800/sc5000 setup if a storm pops up is a much scarier experience and just exposing it to those elements in general is a concern for me. I will choose to risk the cheaper Serato controller in those situations. Again. All points someone needs to consider before investing a lot of money.

Make no mistake despite those things I 100% LOVE my Prime setup and prefer the layout and feel of everything on it. Love those big jogs. Love the pad layout. It’s just such a complete joy to use! It needs more search options and it needs the ability to analyze all tracks on a drive if you want it to. There are things like pitch play I want. I know we have a firmware update coming that will address some of this. And more in the future.

But I also realize due to the nature of the prime 4 - an all-in-one controller - that might be an easier proposition for lots of people for lots of reasons. And the Prime 4 has lots of things I like too! Like XLR for main AND booth outputs. And the zone output as well. That’s a very handy feature! And eventually having horizontal grids all on the same screen will be pretty nice when juggling 4 tracks.

I could go on because they are both awesome setups. Good luck to the original poster, I’m sure you’ll love whatever you choose!

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Hello, I’ll be using them for home and events, mainly parties.


I would suggest the Prime 4 then. It’s more portable for gigs and events. Trust me, it isn’t easy carrying around (even getting in your car) 2 x SC5000 and a X1800. It does take some nearly as much space as 2 x 5000’s and a 1800 in regards to desktop space. I’m sure there will be a suitable flight case for the Prime 4 in the near future too.


Thanks Reese, is there a learning curve with the SC5000 and 1800 mixer. I do like the flow with the MCX8000 and plus I’m thinking long term. Having a system where I don’t feel like I have to upgrade so often.

The learning curve is the same, because they’re both Prime ecosystems.

However, the Prime4 will be more “connect, power on and play” and the X+SC’s will be more like “connect cables, some more cables, than power all on and play”. :wink:

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Thanks Djscottyb, great point I didn’t think about the extra time for setup/breakdown, although it shouldn’t be a major issue for me. I didn’t want to wait too long deciding on the SC5000 and the 1800 mixer, not knowing how long the sale was gonna last. Of course the Prime 4 is still at a lower price point with some solid new features.

New features will be added to the X+SC’s also, but things like 2nd zone out and mic EQ will not of course.

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Thanks DJGK, points well taken. I was looking for more flexibility on the mixing tip. Appreciate the feedback, I have some decisions to make.

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Happy to help! And you’re in luck on the SC5000/X1800 pricing as it appears to now be permanent, at least according to Inmusic. You’ll love and be overjoyed with either setup I promise!

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Thanks Shain, I’ve definitely been looking into the features of the Prime 4 and my heart was set on the SC5000 and the 1800 mixer before the Prime 4 showed up on the scene. Hopefully I’ll make the best choice.

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Here is something else to consider,

Will you be in an environment were you might share your gear with others or others might want to plug into?

Do you want to expand the set up? External fx, loopers ect…

The Prime 4 is awesome if it is you alone using it.

If you have others spinning with you or need to bring say 1 deck into an already crowded booth you might want to think about getting separate pieces.

You can’t go wrong either way and that’s whats makes the decisions just that harder.

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I went from vinyl to CDJ-5000 to Vestax VCI to DDJ-SX and then to SC5000s. I can honestly say, it is a little bit of everything in one machine (If the Ms had been out then I probably would’ve gone for them for that vinyl feel, but I have refought 1210s so don’t NEED that). If I had my time again, with what is now available, I’d replace the DDJ with the Prime 4, but would still move onto the SCs. They are simply a stunning piece of kit and if budget is no barrier, worth every penny.


I can’t decide. 2SC5000 + X1800 or the new Prime 4? I have my concerns about the 1 screen of the Prime 4. Will it be comfortable to work with when searching for a next track and you still want to see the information on the other deck? SC5000 and Prime 4 both show much information about waveforms. I would like to turn this feature off.