Been bothering me for awhile

Hoping to get an answer here. I love my Prime4 and have been using it for over a year now. I notice that ‘sometimes’ the playlist history is recorded and ‘sometimes’ it’s not (most of the time it’s not). I set up my system the same exact way each time and can’t replicate why the History only works for some events.

Sometimes it will list the history of a sound check I do at home just playing around but then two days later I’ll go out and do a wedding and it won’t store the history of what I played at the wedding.

I’ve gone through all the menus to see if I’m missing a setting somewhere and googled this issue but cannot find a fix to have it store a playlist from every gig. I find these ‘history’ playlists super helpful when I’m working and looking for something quick and would love to have it work every single time. Does anyone know what makes this feature work and/or not work at gigs?

Just for reference I use a portable USB drive plugged into the top USB in the back of the unit.

Thanks for any insight!


Do you clean the USB after every gig? … Because when you playing from USB the history is recorded on it and seems like it wipes out after every use, at least for me

I do not. It has about 16 events right now in the history. I don’t know if there’s a limit but the ones that are there weren’t events that were “in a row” which is why I thought it was happening randomly.

If there is a limit is on number of events? Number of tracks? who knows. No one from Denon seems able to provide an answer.

I don’t think you would have to clear them after every gig because I think it’s super helpful to have even a few of them on board so you can reference them when doing a new event if you need some ideas of what to play. I just wish I could get more information about how it works.

in my experience its like this. if the tracks are still availeble when you “pull” the history they are there. if you i.e. delete tracks or remove te source tracks it seems like the p4 removes the history of them. just my 10cents :slight_smile:

That would make perfect sense. Except as a mobile DJ I have my entire collection on the HDD and I don’t pull any tracks off at all. It just seems totally random and I can’t figure out why…