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I had already seen and removed a vote from one thing to add to this, as I was out of votes! haha But yes, everyone please follow that link and vote!

We are mainly all out of votes because requested features arriving too slow :slight_smile:


It really depends on the distributor, label, artist, or whoever the artist has given rights to for their music, especially when it comes to more independent dance music artists and labels which will include a majority of techno, hard dance, etc. Some will have no issues with people playing their music to a crowd of any size as long as they get some type of recognition like a track ID if it ends up in a video on social media or being recorded or streamed for others to listen to later (the label I run and work with is like this). We know that releasing underground music is something we mainly do for the love of it, and releases are not going to usually make a large amount of money. If it does, that is a great bonus, but it is not something expected by a large number of labels, artists, etc, and we are more than happy to see the music is being played and getting a great reaction on dancefloors. Some artists and labels (usually high profile or more commerical artists and labels) are very focused on the money and will uphold the fine print on releases etc. if they can. Some music rights agencies in regions will also try to uphold this even if the artist does not mind, a lot of artists do not like certain music agencies because of this, and in 99% of cases, the royalties never actually make it to the artist if they are not a huge name, and will end up going to random fees or a bigger name artist. But I digress, it really is a huge grey area where sometimes rights and royalties etc will matter, and sometimes, it won’t matter. With more independent stuff, especially more underground dance music, it will often be the latter of the two. Many labels are trying to work out how to deal with this situation currently as streaming platforms are added to DJ equipment, but a lot of them make music to be played by DJs to crowds and have absolutely no problem with this. As long as DJs support the artists and labels they are playing by purchasing the release and giving it credit in mixes etc, then it is all good. :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry for the lengthy and kind of off topic response, that is just my two cents when it comes to streaming services and using them in public performances, I say go for it. :wink:

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Offline mode is $29.99 +TAX on Beatport… per month.

Is this something we’ll genuinely use? I know I would but it’s quite expensive for the average Joe so I feel that a few die-hards will use it but mostly will be a niche thing.

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It still would be nice to have the offline locker on the hardware to be able to save track if you do not have WiFi service. We already have the app on the hardware to stream, just need the addition of offline locker option needed. Tracks can be saved to local hd on gear or even plug in a usb like we do now in stand alone mode.

It is definitely an expensive cost per month for quite low quality streaming (128k most common or VBR that is quite low). Beatport need to up the quality or make it cheaper.

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