Beatport Login issues - Hungary

Hi !

I am a Prime 2 user in Hungary, and the Soundcloud Go ++ isnt work. Is there any solution, with it i can use it? As i know HUNGARY is the problem… Maybe It is not avaiable in My country… Same problem with Soundcloud … I recommend for everybodi the site: It a crossplatform between ANY Music streaming media! You can import and transfer your playlist s to TUDAL ! I am very happy with it.



Was that spam for more music/playlist conversion ?

I would like to use the build in Soundcloud and the Beatport link, but i van not login. Soundcloud show up, that is not possibile in my Country, but Beatport dont Say anything…

Did you buy your prime locally or import it ?

I buyed it here in hungary.

Does tidal work in your country on a laptop or pc?

You could always get a VPN (virtual private network) program for your phone, to make it look like your phone was on an America Server for example, then turn on WiFi hotspot on your phone, and then connect your primes to your phone - that should let tidal work

Tidal Working, but the other two online services no.