Beatport Link in Engine DJ Desktop

Hello all,

I’m coming from Rekordbox and currently wondering how to manage the Beatport Link tracks in the Engine DJ Desktop software. Is there a way here ? I do not have the SC6000 currently yet, they come next week. In Recordbox I could import the tracks via the desktop software, push them into playlist and add comments. Is that not possible here via the desktop software ?

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oh that’s not good. are the cue points and comments saved in the player or do i have to redo them over and over again? i’ve been using beatport link almost exclusively :frowning:

All your grid and cue data will be saved on what ever storage device you use, internet SSD, SD card or USB stick. Just make sure you use the same device though.

not ideal but I can work with it. Is there a way to create a playlist with tracks from Beatport Link and the internal HDD? I can put the tracks from Beatport into the Prepare folder but I can’t get them into a playlist on the internal HDD.