Beatgrids Lost Engine OS 2.0.0

Hi all,

I upgraded to Engine OS 2.0.0 last night. Everything looked ok until every time I tried to load a song the beat grid would be re-analysed the first time the song was played on 2.0.0 (this also happens when loading a song in Engine Prime). I tried rolling back to 1.6.1 and deleted the database 2 folder only to keep getting the issue. Luckily I had Engine Prime 1.6.1 so I decided to restore the database using that…issue is still there. It marks a lot of my songs to be half / double the BPM it should be, what can I do?

----Update I fired up a SQL editor and noticed that ALL the highResolutionWaveFormData entries were NULL and isAnalyzed was set to 0. I set isAnalyzed to 1 and that kept the data but obviously I now can’t see the rendered waveforms…any way of re-generating that data?

– Another update! I managed to fix it

Bit of a pain this one, delete the Database2 folder from the Engine Library on the USB, open P.db in your SQLite editor of choice and in the performance table make sure ALL tracks have 1 in the isAnalyzed column. Then re-upgrade to 2.0.0

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Whoa. I have the same issue with tracks on the ssd being re-analyzed the first time they are loaded on engine OS 2 and losing the correct beatgrid. Both engine OS and engine dj are quite bad at beatgrid detection even with techno which should be elementary. I mean… Really? So like 30 or 40% of my tracks had beatgrids set or corrected manually.

Now you say the only solution is switch back to ver. 1.62 and check the SQL entries and deleting the ver. 2 database?

No other possibilities without switching back?

That’s one of the key features in the new database: the waveform data is not held in the database any more, it’s rendered on track load. It makes the database smaller, leaner etc

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I was just going through my process. Thinking back you could probably do it without switching back. I would recommend:

  1. Connect SSD to PC and do not open Engine Prime.
  2. Delete database 2 folder.
  3. Open P SQLite database on your SSD in your favourite editor and open the “performance” table.
  4. Replace all the 0s in the “isAnalyzed” column with 1.
  5. Save and re-open Engine Prime 2.0.0 and pray it works.
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