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I’ve been adding support for Engine Prime to rekordcloud and one of the main problems so far is that it seems that Prime overwrites beatgrids when it analyzes tracks.

What rekordcloud does is insert the beatgrid (converted from Rekordbox, Traktor, VDJ or Serato) into the Prime database. But the track is not yet analyzed so when Prime does that, the previous beatgrid is overwritten. This is not ideal because users may have adjusted the beatgrids.

Current workaround is to convert the library and write the beatgrids, then let the user analyze the tracks and then write the same good beatgrids again.

Maybe something can be added that it checks if the track already has a beatgrid, and if so, it won’t overwrite it?

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Given the amount of hard work you’ve already put into both the Windows and Mac editions of Rekordcloud, I hope that @JWiLL and @AIRVince and @KDonaldson, if they’re all still with DenonDJ will be able to recognise the need for what you’re outlining here.

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I actually find the latest version of Engine Primes Analysis algorithm to be really good for most Electronic digital downloads…just as accurate at finding the Downbeat as Traktor, Serato, RB etc…

The only time i would really need RB is to create a USB for Venues and Radio etc, where Pioneer is the standard equipment.

Admittedly, EP does have some way to go to match the organization and file management options of others, but that’s where Rekordcloud is the perfect solution.



I think there was feature request for selective analysis.

But by design i’m not sure how EP will not do bpm analysis which is what creates a new beatgrid.

The new beta has ability to import beatgrids from Serato (both static and flexible beatgrids).

Take serato for example, if i uncheck BPM analysis, then i’m not going to have grids on that track irrespective of the ID tags BPM value.

It’s fine that it does the analysis and finds the bpm, it just needs to respect the previous beatgrid and bpm that was already there. In such cases we only want Prime to load the waveform data. In the performance database, rekordcloud has already filled the trackData, beatData, quickCues and loops. Prime should only fill highResolutionWaveFormData and overviewWaveFormData then because they are still NULL.

It might be a problem that users sometimes want to just “reset” the track beatgrid by explicitly re-analyzing.

A quick fix would be exporting to a rekordbox database and then importing that into engine desktop. Grids are taken over from rekordbox as of 1.6 beta.

This would defeat the purpose of using RekordCloud, which is a superior crate management tool.

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There is a beatgrid lock flag that I didn’t know about, works perfectly! Thanks @mufasa :smiley:

Consider this problem solved.

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