Beatgrid is not correcty analized

Hello all

i have a question all my beatgrids of my serato libary are correct in serato, but when i update de serato libary in Prime most of my beatgrids are off. for about 80% All of my hotques are correct only the grid is 1 beat off. Even after Prime does it own analyze.

does anyone know how to fix this ?

  1. Engine Prime - Manually slide the grids for each song. Engine Prime does it’s own analysis. The only thing that gets imported from Serato is Cues & Loops. So don’t be surprised if your bpm is not the same. Engine Prime does not write changes to the tracks directly so your Serato collection is safe.

Thnx i also used mixed in key. Found me a work around now everything is prefect also my hot ques and the beatgrid.

Mixed in key uses almost the same analyze structure as Prime does.

The problem was serato was leading for the id3 tag. What i did is made a clean on the tag. Import all my files again but did not do the analyze in serato. Closed serato and started Prime. Update serato crates and did the analyze on all my files. All beatgrids and quepoints were spot on.

Otherwise i had to spend maybe weeks to adjust everything.