Beatgrid and bpm's very different to rekordbox

And it’s easy to see rekordbox analyses them better / more accurately.

(Out of 30 tracks, 5 are different, and these 5 more correct in RB).

In Engine DJ can one change the beatgrid? Or best to export from RB and import to EDJ?

aha…ok - so if i create playlist in RB…then import into my Denon hardware - it takes on the RB beatgrid and bpms…this is good. Long way round. Bottom line is - RB is far more advanced than EngineDJ…need to up your game - great hardware - but beatgrids out in so many cases on downtempo / organic house.

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Obviously YES: you can change BPM and move the grid, you can also set the anchors in the points where a variation of BPM occurs (Dynamic Grid). All this can be done with Engine DJ Desktop, then you transfer your tracks to your remote drive (USB stick) and then use your tracks in the console with Engine OS.