Back up no longer working on Engine DJ 2.3.2 update

Just updated my MacBook to the latest 2.3.2. Now I can no longer back up my database. It runs to 98% then the error message " Unable to back up database. Database is corrupt" pops up. All other functions seem to be running as normal. If I quit and reopen Engine the database opens normally. However very concerning that I can’t back up at the moment!

Hey @Bobjamesdj can you send me a copy of your local database so I can see what may be causing this.

In the interim you can make a backup by simply copying the ‘Engine Library’ folder that is in your local Music folder, that’s essentially what the backup function is doing.

Hi Mike

I think I may have solved it today. I cleared out the hard drive making more space available and the back up works. I can only assume that the back up for 2.3.2 needs more space. Maybe the alert message should be insufficient space rather than database corrupt? If I have the problem again I will reopen a ticket.

Thanks for getting back to me


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