Average library sync speed

Hello partners,

kindly post the time needed to sync from your laptop to USB flash drives or internal SSDs along with the size of your library & how many songs included.

i took 13 hours to sync a 29 GB library with around 2500 songs, is it normal? i use Macbook pro i5 & a 32GB 3.0 Flash Drive Kingston. this is extremely long…

About 600gb large, started Monday May the 16th. Currently about 70% done.

What I’ve noticed is that tracks sync rather quickly, but playlists take about 5~10 minutes each. (v2. 1)

No that is not normal

Some Kingstons have slow write speed.

Use Blackmagic to check

Do youself a favour and get a Samsung bar plus (Usb 3). Takes me a few minutes to sync around 50gb