Autoplay crates

I have looked but I can not find out how to make a crate play the next song once one ends. It would be nice to stick this thing on autopilot sometimes if you know what I mean! Can I do this somehow?

As I know, you have to convert your crate to a playlist. Then change the Mode to continious mode to play that playlist through.

Hi @tenrohle, thanks for reaching out to us! We have an awesome Feature Request section of our Forum where you can submit requests and get feedback on them. Members can even vote on the feature if they agree that it belongs on our gear! Check it out to see if a request like this has been made or submit a new one here:

Hi, If you swipe down from the top of the touch screen on the prime then select and highlight continue, that will activate continuous mode. Then the tracks in the crate or playlist will load and play continuously in whichever deck you initially load.

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The last post was 2 years old, so many things could change over that time in the software. Previous version possibly could not play crates, but did play playlists.