Audio problems with active LINK

Hi guys, I have audio glitch problem when I connect my SC6000 to Akai MPC ONE with LINK, someone else got audio glitch problem when LINK is active, Engine OS is updated to 2.4.

Audio from Akai or the SC6000? I assume SC6000 otherwise you would go on Akai forum with this but best to ask. Also, I think you will need to give more information (mixer, connections and what steps did you do to isolate the issue) for others to be able to help with their LINK experiences. But there are several users that do indeed use Link with Denon gear so they at least might replicate the problem if it is hardware

Yep, more info would be welcome. I use Akai Force with Denon gear using Ableton link and I have no issues.

I connected the MPC One directly to the SC6000 which in turn is connected to an LC6000, the audio Glich occurs approximately every thirty seconds, along with a slow down waveform. waveform slowdown also occurs when the LINK is not connected but does not produce audio artifacts. In the meantime, I’ll try reinstalling the firmware.

You’re not the only one

I tried reinstalling the firmware, it seems much improved, the waveform slowdowns remain, but it doesn’t seem to create audio gliches, I’ll do a thorough test in the evening.

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