Any way to locate files which are in the music folder but not in Engine Prime?

I have a new music laptop. I installed Engine prime and dragged my whole music folder to the collection - this happened a few months ago. Today I noticed that some files are not in the collection. But they are in the music folder. Given that I added the whole music folder into the collection, it is a mistery to me how they are not there. So, now I checked: my music folder has 5500+ files. My Engine collection has 4400+ files. This means lots of files were not imported/added to collection (20%). Or maybe lost with the most recent update? Very annoying.

My question is: how do I identify tracks that are in my music folder but not in the Engine collection? I own ~ 100gb of music (I keep pruning my collection to only have stuff that I like), so obviously I won’t be able to notice every file is missing. Is there a way to do it? Like: add the music folder to the collection again but tell engine prime to reject all duplicates?

Please do not tell me to re-import the music folder again, because I will lose all the metadata that i have been building:( I have already lost it once when I moved to the new laptop. This engine prime business makes me more likely to spend a lot money on cdjs. The newest version of CDJs looks a bit like my sc5000s - with easy cue points etc - so I am seriously thinking about switching… The price is painful, but Rekordbox has not failed me yet… the only thing that is missing from cdjs is this loop knob/toggle that sc5000s have :slight_smile: i use it all the time!

Hello from Germany,

is it maybe a problem with your hd? In whitch Typ ist the hd formated? At the beginning of my Prime Collection i hat my Hd not formated in „exfat“ and that was the Problem - your hd Must be in exfat.


hello. This is the HD that is built in my brand new Mac, not an external HD. The format is what apple calls APFS. I can’t easily format it to anything else. Plus I guess now it’s too late - I do not want to format the hd, or use a different hd, I am just looking for a way to identify the tracks that are not in the collection and add them to it. Although I wonder if it’s even possible…

you can’t tell that to engine prime. but you don’t have to either because that’s the default.

Could the MX files that aren’t in the collection be a format that Engine Prime doesn’t read?

@SirReal hello, the files were fine on my previous laptop, are all in standard formats that EP accepts, and the few of them that I identified as missing I successfully added to the database manually. My question is: how do I identify other files that are missing - doing this will allow me to re-add these files to the EP collection. It seems that @joxani’s answer might be helpful. @joxani - hello. Are you saying if I just add all my files to the collection again it will only add the files that are not there yet?

That’s how it works in all DJ apps. You can drag the music folder to the collection multiple times over, only the new tracks will be added.

Try that and let’s us know

exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

@mufasa just did that. It is now adding a folder called “music (1)” to my collection. The previous one is called “music”. Looks like “music (1)” has about 20% more files than “music”, and the files that are common in both seem to have kept the metadata… Do you think it is safe to remove “music” from the collection and just keep “music (1)”? Losing metadata is my greatest fear…

edit: it’s done now. 'music(1)" has 1500 more tracks than “music”. How is that possible given that they should be identical and both were generated by dragging and dropping? I am still afraid to delete 'music"…

Exactly what? You havent quoted or “replied to” anything or anyone :man_shrugging:t2: There’s someone @ing you a few post up but nothing definitive

Thats strange the Music vs Music 1. Does your laptop have 2 music folders?

Did you rename your Music folder at any point? eg uppercase to lowercase?

Is it a Windows laptop? how many internal drives does the computer have?

to remove “music” enable drive location in the columns and select everything to remove from collection.

just to be safe copy you ENGINE FOLDER to another location. You will find that under “music” folder in your computer.

@mufasa no, it’s the very same folder. That I first dragged into the collection a few months ago, and then dragged into the collection yesterday night. I did not rename anything. It is a Mac and there is just one drive and one partition (although it is visible as two identical volumes, it’s called APFS volumes). just to repeat, “music” and “music (1)” have mostly the same files, and if i look at the directory column in Engine Prime, they are in the very same place (of course - I only have one copy of each file on my hard drive).

To remove ‘music’ i can simply right click this folder and click ‘remove’. I did that and it was fine!

Thank you for your guidance everybody. I am glad the problem is solved, although I wish I could understand where it came from…

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I use a Mac as well. Have you always had the AFPS? Or did you update in the last few months?

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