Any news relating Traktor3 announcement?

Maybe something about our beloved machines getting the loooong awaited traktor support ?

Perhaps Denon DJ Have hold back latest firmwares and Engine Prime releases until this late late traktor release.

Perhaps Engine Prime will import traktor cue and loop points and perhaps sc5000 firmwares will allow sc5000 to be a empty traktor controller with direct signals. No midi please - clinging to too old ideas.

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i read from DJ Worx : “Our resources have always been focused on SC5000 and Engine Prime. Engine Prime, SC5000, and SC5000M share same code base, so all products within the family benefit when new updates or products are developed/released. Once the SC5000M is released, you will see a number of improvements, and fixes for SC5000 and Engine Prime. Hope this addresses your concern :)”

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Does anyone have any updates on possible Traktor Pro 3 working with Denon. TP3 release is just around the corner now and Beta has now been public for a while …

Knowing Traktor, they don’t usually tend to work well with third party gear. Just my opinion, of course.

They don’t seem to work well for themselves :smile:


LOL, no comment.


Installed (and removed) TP3. No native support seen from within the application.

I think traktor has had it. It’s been way too dormant for waaaay too long.

The world and technology in the world has moved on around traktor, like how a river flows both ways around a rock that’s been chucked in a river. Standalones are on the up in terms of popularity and technology advancements, probably the most advancing side of DJ audio currently. Seratos doing ok since dumping the stupid SL boxes and for those clinging to a plastic multi-tool penknife, there’s virtual DJ.

But Traktor? Too little, too late, my thoughts on it anyway

You have already TraktorPro 3 ??

It’s “available” here and there since yesterday…perhaps they will change or add stuff, but don’t think so.

and no Traktor HID for Denon Prime seriously ???

Cannot choose them as controller. Nothing happens on the SC’s when putting them in PC mode.

X1800 mixer isn’t selectable during setup either. Only the X1600 and X1700. ASIO driver is available obviously.

Seems to have the same device support as 2.x.

Not only seriously, but logical.

The sc5000 costs more than most laptops that DJs use to run traktor. Just using something with as much processing power as an SC5000 to be effectively a 20 button mouse is certainly different.

In my own opinion, how a person decides to use their equipment is entirely up to them. If attaching it to a computer as a “20 button mouse” is their preference who am i to tell them otherwise.

I feel supporting various software options will be beneficial to Denon DJ.

The very first battle is just to push the gear to as many users as possible be it software users or USB users.

I have seen a club dj playing an entire night using an ipod connected to DJM900NXS2, no mixing, just selecting tracks one after the other…guess what the club was packed and the dancefloor was not empty for a singe second. He is using that particular tool (the mixer) in the way he feels will highlight his strengths. BTW there were two CDJs there that served no purpose that night.

Each to their own.


100% agree and Traktor HID is a good marketing strategy for new users and buyer potential

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I’d say the “blame” lies mainly with Traktor. I remember buying my first MC6000 mk1 which actually came with a full version of Traktor in Europe (Virtual DJ in the US). At the time Traktor was trying to be the software of choice to be bundled with any and all kind of controller. Serato being the totally closed one. When I wanted to leave Traktor, I couldn’t go to Serato and didn’t want to go to VDJ (they always had and have the best controller support), so I ended up with Mixvibes Cross.

But since a couple of years, Traktor has moved into itself, become more like Apple, a closed ecosystem. It works best with their own gear, there seems to be little (visible) effort to accommodate most other hardware vendors and if, then only in the most limited way. Then there is the little jog-wheel issue. Many have complained that while some third-party controllers might work with Traktor, there is a noticeable lag in jog-wheel performance.

Not sure how much effort Denon has(is) put(ting) into the Traktor compatibility, but the Prime series was clearly meant to be a stand-alone platform, not a glorified controller for DJ software. I doubt having DVS support for Traktor will make or break Prime’s success.

I understand how, if you are on a certain platform, lack of support for your favorite and even owned hardware can be really frustrating. I sold my MC6000 mk1 because mk2 was announced. When it came out, Mixvibes decided not to support it. Ended up with two SC2900s and an X1600, only to trade those in for a DDJ-SX which I could use with Mixvibes again.

Now I have the MCX8000, also not supported by Mixvibes. So to Serato we go, where I would have loved to stay with my favorite software where I have the workflow down tight.

Oh well, there is no way of pleasing all the people all the time. Companies, both hard- and software, will continue to make their own decisions, based on strategic, financial, technical and marketing consequences. And they are under no obligation to tell us why they made the decisions they made.

It’s good to have fora like this one, where you can vent your grievances/wishes/ideas and even get an answer or two from time to time.

Just my two cents worth as usual.


Very good!!!

Any news? I bought the Prime setup (X1800 and two SC 5000) and I find that the only software that supports this equipment is Serato and paying a license … I am very frustrated. I do not ask for a HID mode, I would only like that at least Denon solve this problem by doing a simple MIDI mapping for the users until they get official support in Traktor, Algoriddim’s Djay etc …

It’s just a suggestion, Denon workers, take it as you want

I would love to have 3000+$€ to spend without bothering to do even basic research…

But hey, here’s a bone for ya: midi works for SC5000 and there is a TP3 user made mapping, X1800 can be selected as audio interface. Of course, you will still have to pay for the TP3 licence, I hope that doesn’t frustrate you much.