Analyze problem with tracks!

Hello, I have analyzed my tracks with Engine Prime, version 1.3.3. and copied them to the internal hard drive. I loaded the tracks into a player and my Prime 4 re-analyzes the tracks, version 1.3.2. Is the problem known, does anyone else have that ? What should I do ? Thanks !!!

I cannot tell if you only copied the tracks with Windows Explorer or MAC Finder, but then you probably miss the updated Engine database on the Prime4.

Okay, but I have copied the Tracks with Engine Prime, not with the Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, EP 1.3.3 and P4 1.3.2

Hello @Cuepoint, sorry to hear about your issues. In order to assist you, we need some details on the information you shared on this thread. By ‘copied them to the internal hard drive’, you mean that you used Engine PRIME v1.3.3 to sync these tracks to your hard drive?

@Nekoro_DenonDJ, Yes exactly, I have the tracks on a USB Stick analyzed, with Engine Prime v1.3.3, than I have sync these tracks with EP v1.3.3 to the hard drive on my P4, but my P4 analyzed these tracks again. Why ?? Thank you !

Thanks for these details, I am in communication with our Dev Team about the matter.

How many tracks do you have on the Internal drive of the P4?

What format is the P4 internal drive? Fat32 or exFat?

@mufasa I have 2000 Tracks on the internal Drive on the P4 and the Format is exFat.

When you plug in the P4 to your laptop, and launch EP, do you see the grid icon for tracks that are in the P4 drive?

Radical Option : Will you be in a position to reformat the drive and start again?

Perhaps there is a database issue. (the db on the P4 internal drive)

Where is the Grid Icon please ?

In the columns, You may need to enable it by right clicking on the column bar.

Enable the drive column also, if you sort by drive check if the P4 Drive tracks have the grid icon

@mufasa, Yes all the tracks have the grid icon.

But…I think I’ve found the mistake now, I’ve used a new USB stick and EP has to install the Engine Library on the stick first. Now I’ve synced more tracks and it works. I hope you understand it ??

It works only after the second sync.

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