Amsterdam Dance Event

Hey guys,

Just curious if anybody from the Denon DJ/Engine team will attend ADE next month, as well as if there’ll be any events? :blush:

I see that was the case in ‘19 :blush:

If we have to believe the ADE page InMusic won’t be there.

Could only find an article from ‘19 as well. Hope they’ll be present though :blush:

@JWiLL any chance you know about this? :blush:

I guess this is a “no”? :thinking:

I’ll be there, assisting with the “off-site”, online streamed forum discussion with (amongst others) Phil Morse from Digital DJ Tips and MixMasterG of And The Groove Remains (ATGR). The latter the guy who brings you the DJ Conversion utility and all it’s siblings.

So come by and say hi @ the Mata Hide Away room in the Hard Rock Hotel Americain in Amsterdam. Thursday @ 20:00 local time.

Would love to meet you guys in the flesh :-D.

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